Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Live on a farm or own your own computer?

1 out of 2 children in this household who were polled preferred the idea of living on a farm to the idea of owning her own computer.

The remaining polled constituent stated 'I want my own 'puter ON a farm mommy.  Cows need 'puter's too'

oh that boy....

Monday, August 8, 2011

I want to wear my checkers mommy

The girl just brought me a pair of shoes.  consulting the exterior heel of the shoe she says 'I want to wear my checkers mommy.'

I asked her, 'do you mean sketchers?'

She looks more intently at the back of the shoe. 'Um. yes. i changed my mind. I guess this does say Sketchers.'

'So. can i wear them? Can i wear my checkers? i need you to put this checker on my foot.'

Sunday, August 7, 2011

So how does "Crazy" build a house anyway???

Everyone has that weird relative who is a bit out of step with the family.  happily marching to the beat of his/her own drummer s/he just travels down the road of life and you stand there and watch them and say to yourself...

Who in the hell is that person? i am not entirely sure i have ever met him/her!!
Well.  I am that person and because of that - i can confidently tell you that chances are very good that this person's personality developed as a result of crazy stuff in your family that you may or may not be aware of.

i can't expose all of the crazy from my family.  You would all stop talking to me....

School Skills

My 3 and a half year old daughter has a vocabulary that rivals a lot of adults.


she comes out with gems like:

'BUBBA MOVE!!! STOP obstructing me!!!'

her definition? 'he is obstructing me mommy.  that means he's in my way'

'Mommy, will you transform into a frog?'

Now we have been doing sight words to learn how to read and she's doing quite well at that.

She has read a few odd things like 'my little pony'  and she can read her own name but the other day she brought me a book from her powertouch reader and says:

'mom.  i think i need a school skills book.  this book is too easy'

I looked blankly at her so she turned the book over and shows me on the back.  'see mommy.  this says um......... well that's an 'I' and then it says 'reader'  but down here it says 'school skills'.'  and as she says each word she points to the actual words on the page.  crazy!!!  (The 'I' word was 'Intermediate' which she's obviously not lol!)

Bring back the good ole days....

so i'm sitting here wondering how i reached this point.

i mean that in several ways but mostly let's see...

yesterday morning we stopped at a 'roadside farmer's market' in Gladeville and bought $5.00 worth of veggies.  we bought 2 tomatoes and 4 peaches.  pretty delicious food also!!! The girl has torn up two of the tomatoes (they were a pink variety) and we cobblered the peaches (Yes. i did just invent a word.  shut yo mouf!)

My day lost in my thoughts

10am - gosh. that lady was from Clarkrange, TN.  That's where my granny lived.  it's where her house still is and uncle kendall and aunt janice live.  i miss going there.

10am - 2pm - wow.  all the memories of country life!!

  • picking veggies and fruit at mammy and pop's house (My grandparents had a very large 'home garden'
  • picking veggies with Granny Virgie up on the mountain (Great-Grandmother Virginia Wright)
  • June bugs on leashes
  • firefly catchin
  • fireworks in july
  • pickin blackberries
  • fishin for tiny fish in the pond at Granny's
  • Jean and Hershel across the street from Granny's
  • shucking corn and shelling peas and beans
  • Granny's famous dinners (fried chicken, beans, cornbread, corn on the cob, green beans, sliced tomatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy) all from scratch  and don't forget the sweet tea (some adults needed a glass of milk to crumble that cornbread into!!!) Pie or cobbler for dessert. man-oh-man.
  • Granny's famous breakfasts (scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, sometimes oatmeal, toast, juice, milk)
  • Sittin on her low metal porch swing while it rained
  • Playing on the back driveway barefoot in the torrential downpour
  • Weeding the garden
  • Spreading fertilizer on my Pop's garden...thinking it stunk to high heaven and then finding out it was chicken or cow poop lol.
  • Feeding the chickens and pigs at Mr Hershel's house.
  • Being afraid of the pigs at Mr Hershel's house. (Ha!)
  • Catching crayfish in creeks
  • Wading in the creek
  • going barefoot
  • building forts

3pm - 5pm

Gosh self.  it might be kinda cool to grow a container garden.  spent some time googling for the best way to make a container garden.  When i shop - i shop for organic fruits and veggies so i might as well grow them that way.

There are plenty of farmers out this way (hello - there are probably 7 farms within 10 miles of my house that have chickens and or cows.  bet they'd give me poop for free...not to mention i have a compost pile that's totally unused and has been fermenting/decaying/composting/whatchamadoodling unused in peace for 15 years....bet you some cold hard coin that i can mix that with some cow or chicken poo and make a pretty hearty fertilizer without resorting to some big nasty chemicals.

I can combat insects with some cheese cloths and other natural methods.  i'd like to employ some urban chickens but i'll have to work on convincing the land owner (aka my dad) to let me have some chickens to 'control the mosquito and tick population' ahem. also - free poop!!! and free ground turning and free eggs. also - a life lesson for my two small kids!!

So i spent time googling for those sexy non-gmo plant seeds and those suckers be 'spensive!!! But oh the variety of heirloom veggies!!! I can even grow okra and peppers and tomatoes and carrots and potatoes and lettuce like my grandfather and granny used to!!! Think of all the cash i will save.  it's a ton of work but who cares!!!

5pm - bedtime

Why stop at container gardening? i could carve out a sweet plot in the back yard and get some chicken wire and bury it a few feet to foil the stinkin rabbits and turn the earth on my own with a shovel and some back breaking labor and teach the kids how to do it!!! then i can use my fertilizin compost and get some poop and mix it in with that - yeah...i can do this...grow some real veggies.  maybe even some corn!!!!

This morning - now
I should figure out a way to fix my credit and find some cash or a job that will aid me as a single mother and find a plot of land - preferably up near jamestown/clarkrange and just plant my kids up yonder and start homesteading.  (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA??? Who said that? who provided me with that thought process? So today i spent time googling and found THIS site and was looking at border collies and thinking:

'wow.  i should get a farm and buy one of those and some sort of mouser - maybe some barn cats.  yeah.  and i can have a farm and a barn and raise my own sheep for the lanolin for soap and wool and i can become self sufficient and just work hard every day.  yeah.  sounds like a good time.  i can teach my kids about frogs and turtles and june bugs on thread and snakes and fun things like that'.
Whew man.  Am I crazy or what?