Sunday, August 7, 2011

School Skills

My 3 and a half year old daughter has a vocabulary that rivals a lot of adults.


she comes out with gems like:

'BUBBA MOVE!!! STOP obstructing me!!!'

her definition? 'he is obstructing me mommy.  that means he's in my way'

'Mommy, will you transform into a frog?'

Now we have been doing sight words to learn how to read and she's doing quite well at that.

She has read a few odd things like 'my little pony'  and she can read her own name but the other day she brought me a book from her powertouch reader and says:

'mom.  i think i need a school skills book.  this book is too easy'

I looked blankly at her so she turned the book over and shows me on the back.  'see mommy.  this says um......... well that's an 'I' and then it says 'reader'  but down here it says 'school skills'.'  and as she says each word she points to the actual words on the page.  crazy!!!  (The 'I' word was 'Intermediate' which she's obviously not lol!)

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