Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Meal Plan Tuesday

So i'm trying to get off my ass and actually plan meals and such so i can save money. I'm struggling but we'll see how this goes.

I'm doing 2 weeks worth of meal planning here. My kid is going back to school August 1. So i have precious few days left of summer. I'm not sure if i'm working overtime next week or not. So there is a reason for why I am planning meals the way I am.

Wednesday Jul 10  Popcorn, cookies, sandwiches/rollups,  cotton candy. (We are going to the drive-in so I'm packing a delicious spread to have with my kids in the car while we watch monsters university and despicable me 2)
Thursday Jul 11 vegetarian lentil tacos (Make enough for me to have some left over for work 2 days)
Friday Jul 12 Pumpkin Hummus with kale chips. (Make this thursday...with enough for me to have some left over for work 2 days)
Saturday Jul 13 Lentil chili recipe = figure it out. (Other lentil recipes here)
Sunday Jul 14 Greens Omelet
Monday Jul 15 pancakes

Tuesday Jul 16 tenative drive-in night. Popcorn, sandwiches/rollups, cookies (Planes is in the drive-in!!)
Wednesday Jul 17 Creamy pumpkin sauce on pasta recipe here.
Thursday Jul 18 Lentil burritos
Friday Jul 19 pizza casserole
Saturday Jul 20 kale chips and pumpkin hummus
Sunday Jul 21 Pancakes
Mon Jul 22 ???
Tuesday Jul 23 ???

I bought some seeds

So I just bought some seeds from the Organic Seed People.  I fully expected that to be a scam site but they actually have a lot of information and they carry organic heirloom, organic open pollinated and just plain organic seeds!!!!! I spent 24.00 including shipping.  

They have several coupon codes on the website and offer a "Bulk discount" when you buy 10 packets of seeds or more. They are also having a sale.  So if you buy 10 packets of seeds you get the cheapest packet free.  I am ordering for next year/season so I can afford to wait 7-10 days so shipping was less than $3.00.

I bought 1 of each of these, they are all organic. (H= Heirloom, OP = Open Pollinated)

H, OP Tomato, Heirloom Blend 30 Seeds/pkt. Organic Seed (IEOTT102)  = $2.19
H, OP Lettuce, Tennis Ball Batavian .5g Seeds/pkt. Organic Seed (SEV62505)  =$1.79
H, OP Beet, Chioggia 5g Seeds/pkt. Organic Seed (IEOBE103)  = $1.99
H, OP Carrot, Gourmet Blend 2g Seeds/pkt. Organic Seed (IEOCA198)  = $1.99
H, OP Carrot, Chantenay 2g Seeds/pkt. Organic Seed (IEOCA190)  = $2.19
H, OP Okra, Hill Country Heirloom 4g Seeds/pkt. Organic Seed (SEV69111)  = $1.79
H, OP Radish, Blend 4.5g Seeds/pkt. Organic Seed (IEORA121)  = $1.99
H, OP Pepper, Marconi Bell (Sweet) .5g Seeds/pkt. Organic Seed (SEV46110)  = $1.79
H, OP Collards, Georgia Green 2g Seeds/pkt. Organic Seed (SEV24101)  = $1.79
H, OP Spinach, Bloomsdale  5g Seeds/pkt. Organic Seed (IEOSP100)  = $2.19
Beet, Golden 5g Seeds/pkt. Organic Seed (IEOBE106)  = $1.99
Sub-Total: $23.48
United States Postal Service (First-Class Mail (2 - 5 days)): $2.69
Quantity Discount: -$1.79
Total: $24.38
So let me list this an easier way for me to see it: I have:
Purple Cherokee (YUM!)
Heirloom varieties. we can decide which we like and order those for 2015.
Variety Red, purple, orange, yellow, white. FUN!
Chiogga (Target beets)
Just one variety.
Red sweet bell peppers.
Collard Greens

Radish Variety pack

I still want to obtain a lot of other things. but this is a nice start.  I would like to also grow:

several others. I also want the chocolate bell peppers. but this is a good start for us. :)

Links to remember...

I've been trolling my history this morning looking for seed resources because I want to start ordering seeds. If I can get my compost up to snuff i'd like a winter garden but I think it's too late for that. I don't want to waste money doing it now. I have several months...at least six...that I can prepare and save and i can order seeds over this time and some bareroot dormant plants in the spring to plant (I really want to grow some raspberries and blackberries!!! maybe some grapes? some strawberries?  My goal is that in a few years I won't have to buy ANY produce at the grocery store.  I'd like to have enough that I could sell some at one of our local farmers markets or whatever..  I built one box for SQ Foot gardening. it is 4x4 feet x 6 inches tall. I need to get some linseed oil for that and I need to find some construction and beg for some wood scraps. I can make boxes of varying sizes....I NEED bare minimum:
1 4x4 foot box per person in the house for salad veggies. = 4
1 4x4 foot box per person in the house for dinner veggies = 4
1 4x4 foot box for raspberries
1 4x4 foot box for blackberries

So that's 10 boxes. My dad MAY murder me. but if I make it look pretty he might be okay with it. and I might have to build up to it. May have to start out with only 6 boxes plus the berries.  I am putting them in a box to help control them.  Though if I get shoots growing off of them and get them to sprout roots I may try to get them to grow up our fence in a few places so we have "Wild blackberries" and "Wild raspberries"  Dad hates raspberries.   The good news is that square foot gardening is mostly portable.  Couldn't move the berries but i think he'd be okay with that if I continued to take care of them. I want to build a big cage to go over my berries to protect them from birds and squirrels and bunnies.  I'm going to try and use some chicken wire to keep animals outta my veggies since i'll need the CW for the cages anyway.

My problem is that i want to grow so many varieties. tee hee. you'll see in my next post.  I may make a square foot gardening table for my dad so he can garden too. his knees are bad and he can't get down on the ground without significant pain so if i build a 4x4 box and put a plywood bottom on it and drill holes in it and put some legs on it he could garden from a chair or while standing.  or i could even do 4 2x2 foot box tables.  Then he can pick his own veggies etc. He loves gardens and he loves veggies.

These are my links i need:
Gardening Forum
I am in plant hardiness zone 6b
Seed places:
Victory Seeds
heirloom seeds
Seed Savers
Organic seed people

Trees of Antiquity
Berries and seeds:
Eden Brothers
Raintree Nursery