Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Square foot pondering....

So i've narrowed down my veggie choices to 18 seed varieties. I might be able to convince someone else to go in with me on seeds since i'm not trying to feed an army.  If not it shouldn't be the end of the world. it's only like $60 in seeds. The world won't end.

I'm going to try some square foot gardening I guess.  I got my compost heap covered.  I need to finish digging all of the leaves out of our pool and get them on the compost heap (Or start a second one)  So I need as much compost as possible to help reduce costs.

I am going to use some sq foot gardening techniques to manage our garden.  I think i'm going to try to make greenhouse coverings for the raised beds to protect them individually.  we'll see how costly it is and how much stuff I can find cheaply. 

Sizes of stuff I want to grow::
XL (2 sq feet required to grow 1 plant)
Black Beauty Zucchini (2)
Amish Pie Pumpkins (4)
Cornfield Pumpkins (4)

L (1 plant per sq foot)
Grape Tomatoes (4)
Peach Blow Tomatoes (4)
Green Tomatoes (4)
Double yield cucumbers (2)
Apple Cucumbers (2)
Burgundy Okra (3)
Chocolate Peppers (3)
Red Peppers (3)
M (4 Plants per sq foot)
Tennis Ball Lettuce (4)
S (9 plants per sq foot)
Beets (2)
Spinach (2)
Kale (2)
Swiss Chard (2)
Yellow Beans (2)
Green Beans  (2)

XS (16 plants per sq foot)
Carrots   (4)

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