Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Meal Plan Tuesday

So i'm trying to get off my ass and actually plan meals and such so i can save money. I'm struggling but we'll see how this goes.

I'm doing 2 weeks worth of meal planning here. My kid is going back to school August 1. So i have precious few days left of summer. I'm not sure if i'm working overtime next week or not. So there is a reason for why I am planning meals the way I am.

Wednesday Jul 10  Popcorn, cookies, sandwiches/rollups,  cotton candy. (We are going to the drive-in so I'm packing a delicious spread to have with my kids in the car while we watch monsters university and despicable me 2)
Thursday Jul 11 vegetarian lentil tacos (Make enough for me to have some left over for work 2 days)
Friday Jul 12 Pumpkin Hummus with kale chips. (Make this thursday...with enough for me to have some left over for work 2 days)
Saturday Jul 13 Lentil chili recipe = figure it out. (Other lentil recipes here)
Sunday Jul 14 Greens Omelet
Monday Jul 15 pancakes

Tuesday Jul 16 tenative drive-in night. Popcorn, sandwiches/rollups, cookies (Planes is in the drive-in!!)
Wednesday Jul 17 Creamy pumpkin sauce on pasta recipe here.
Thursday Jul 18 Lentil burritos
Friday Jul 19 pizza casserole
Saturday Jul 20 kale chips and pumpkin hummus
Sunday Jul 21 Pancakes
Mon Jul 22 ???
Tuesday Jul 23 ???

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