Thursday, May 17, 2012

Feeding Picky Eaters. Brand new strategies

My 3 and 4 year old heathens have recently decided they would rather fill up on junk between/before/after meals rather than eat at meal times. So until further notice they can't have junk except on friday's after dinner.

Tonight was our first night of trying new meals.

I made Beef & Bean Burritos from The Pioneer Woman.

Survey says?

Mom:  I loved it.  They were really good but I wish i had thought to grab some avocado and some black olives for mine dangit!

Girl: "I like the meat and beans"  She ate the filling out of hers and the top portion of the tortilla. i'm happy.

Boy: "I don't yike it."  He's 3.  He only "Yike's" things that were born as sugar cane.  He did eat about 1/3 of his burrito which is significantly better than he's been doing.

I'd give this a 5/7 for sure.

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