Sunday, September 30, 2012

If silence is golden....that must be why we are broke...

I live in a household with my dad (65 year old workaholic who works from home a lot), my brother (33 year old guy who just hangs out here occasionally), Myself (36 year old chatty cathy nice-to-meet-ya), an almost 5 year old Diva Braniac and a 3 and a half year old engineer in training.

My dad talks a lot when it comes to his work.  When it comes to socialization, he would prefer you pass him by.  My brother HATES when i talk to him because he says I talk too much.

I talk A LOT. My children have learned to talk A LOT.  Especially my daughter.  She is brilliant and likes to share that with people verbally.  As often and loudly as possible.

She is super creative and super intelligent and has a fantastic sense of humor and a fantastic heart for people. she is compassionate and stylish and beautiful and wonderful.  She loves to socialize and I struggle with wanting her to be a social, confident young lady and with wanting her to exercise a lot more caution when it comes to meeting new people.

There are days I just want to tell her

Which i guess is a nice way to say:


She is a good girl and her brother is a good boy but they sometimes make my head hurt.

I wouldn't trade either of my children for anything though.

How do you get your kids to be quiet when all they want to do is be as loud as possible?

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