Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's on my TV?

I watch blissfully little television.  I try not to let my TV Rot my brain or dictate my life.  I can live without cable television.  I can live without ANY Television, but we live with my dad....who cannot live without his TV.  So I am blessed.

I watch religiously:
Sons of Anarchy
American Horror Story
The Walking Dead

That's really it.  I do also occasionally enjoy:
Grey's Anatomy
Breaking Bad

This past week i've enjoyed a few new shows:
The show before Grey's anatomy with the yummy Andre Braugher? Yes please.  I'd like some more. (I need to remember that comes on on Thursdays)
The ABC Sunday Lineup was *ok*

The fairy tale show was a VERY unique concept but i was VERY lost for the first half hour.  I understand you want to *HOOK* your viewing audience but MAYBE you could have started the series off at a point slightly before this revolution of sorts?? It was a massive turn off for me to be so confused and to be perfectly honest.....i spent my time working a puzzle while that show was on so I saw very little visual acting.

The show between that and 666 park (Which was WHY I was tuned into ABC on a Sunday to begin with) had some seemed interesting...but it reminded me of Burn Notice (which i do love...) I kept waiting to hear Good ole Michael Weston narrating things.

"When you place a listening device in the room of your supposedly dead aunt, you need to make sure that you conceal it completely if you want to get accurate information.  This goes doubly so if it has video capability.  Someone who knows what he is doing can build a fake book out of play doh, telephone wire, chewing gum and raw tuna and no one will be the wiser....until it starts to smell."

666 Park was a delightful departure from most boring TV crap these days.  People have been shouting 'BAZINGA!' for like 2 years or so and I just always thought to myself "You idiot" every time I heard them say it.  I watch so little television that I didn't even know it was a pop culture reference from The Big Bang Theory ... I have very little tolerance for TV Sitcoms anymore so it stands to reason I wouldn't watch that crap.  I've tried SO HARD to like that show and How I met Your Mother but man.....i promise....I just absolutely can't do it.  I hate them both.

I would rather get up and work out, or read a book, or spend time with my children, or write, or work a jigsaw puzzle, or play a game just about anything other than watch TV.

Once in a while I'll sit and veg in front of netflix and when I do...i love Psych (Almost the only "sitcom" type show i'll watch), Burn Notice, NCIS, Law and Order ____ , Numbers, Criminal Minds, etc.

There is kind of a theme in things I watch...and it seems to be.....Crime.  Mystery. Drama.  All good stuff.

So uh...What's on YOUR TV?

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